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About Us

House of Revival Church is a church plant of Weapons of Revival Ministries International Ltd. The ministry was registered in 2009 and started operations in Kampala in October 2009.

To help people discover and walk in divine destiny.

To build up the body of Christ into His fullness

Our Goals

  • To host the tangible presence of God.
    We believe that when God’s presence comes, it pushes back darkness and releases people to walk in destiny
  • To Saturate in God’s word.
    We believe that God has chosen to reveal Himself through the written word, and soaking in the word of God is the key to divine transformation.
  • To disciple nations.
    We believe that God has called us to make disciples of all nations teaching them to obey and to do all that Jesus taught.

Our Values


Christ is central and through Him we have a relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Bible-based Church

We are committed to the Word of God as the final authority for living and ministry.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

We are a Spirit filled Church, believing in the working of the Spirit of God in this dispensation and in growing and utilising all spiritual gifts for the edification of the church

Loving People

To show love and care to the body of Christ and beyond.


We believe that through prayer we are able to host the presence of God, and when He comes, He drives back darkness and releases people into destiny.

Deep Worship

To express our devotion to God through a deep and spiritual worship experience and extend the same to others.


To equip people in the knowledge of Christ and how to witness for Him.


To pursue excellence in all we do as a church and ministry in order to bring glory to God.spiritual gifts for the edification of the church


We believe that God owns everything and has called us to manage it on His behalf


To go make disciples of all nations. We believe it’s important to God that we spread the gospel of Christ everywhere.